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Live Interactive Workshops

Our Workshops are 'Live' and 'Interactive' taking place in our virtual classroom powered by Zoom, usually over one or two days.

Some are suitable for both Therapists and Non-therapists, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique workshop.

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Online Downloads

Online Downloads are pre-recorded enabling you to watch and learn at your own pace.

Our Marketing Download is suitable for many small business owners, and also Therapists in different marketplaces, looking for top tips and ideas to grow their business as well as increase their client list.

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solutions4therapists eft live interactive workshops

EFT Workshop

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sometimes also known as 'Tapping' is for anyone who wishes to learn a powerful technique for help with Emotional or Physical issues.
A safe, fast and effective method, this is a one day workshop and is ideal for Therapists and Non-Therapists alike...
Solutions4therapists impostor syndrome

Goodbye Impostor Syndrome! Workshop

Have you ever had the feeling, any minute now you're going to be found out? Do you feel that you are where you are now, more because of luck than due to your skills and ability?
Research shows through various studies, that 70-80% of people experience these kind of thoughts and feeling.
In this workshop, Therapists and Non-Therapists alike can learn...
Solutions4therapists How to be Remarkable Marketing

Marketing Download

You won't have a busy and successful Therapy Practice
and business if you are the
"Worlds Best Kept Secret"
Learn how you can become "Remarkable" and drive clients to your door.
Lots of brilliant marketing ideas, useful and actionable hints and tips in this workshop download with immediate access...

Solutions Coming Soon

We have some Exciting Plans on the agenda, with more, Live, Interactive Workshops and Online Downloads due very soon!

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