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We've put together some of the most common questions that we get asked at Solutions4therapists. The answers are below each question. Please get in touch if you need any further help.

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Are your Solutions only for working therapists?

No, we have Solutions that are aimed at both Therapists and Non Therapists. Our Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop for instance, is a fantastic stand alone technique and is suitable for anyone aged 16+.
Some of our other workshops and downloads would also suit people looking for ideas relating to Marketing too which has lots of really useful ideas for Marketing any small business.
Check out the Solutions descriptions that have been added to each Workshop or Download and see how suitable they are for you.

Are your Solutions suitable for anyone?
Some of our live workshops are suitable for therapists and non-therapists alike. Others are aimed more specifically at therapists. We do make it clear in the workshop description who it is suitable for, but please ask if you are not sure.
How long do your Live Workshops last?

Our Live and Interactive Workshops taking place in our virtual classroom, via zoom usually take place over one or two days. The specific information is provided in each individual workshop description.
You can find our various Workshop and Download Solutions by clicking here.

Can I pay in my local currency?
Yes, you can make the payment in your local currency and we will use Wise to calculate the up to date currency exchange rate. We can also provide you with account details/link in either euros or £ sterling if you wish to pay by transfer in your local currency. We will then provide a receipt for your booking. Please get in touch if you require euro or £ sterling account details or you can go ahead and make payment on the booking form using either your Paypal account or your credit/debit card.
How do I Register my Solutions Zone Account?

When you book a workshop with us, we will automatically send you a booking confirmation email (please check your Inbox and junk folder) containing details of your order.

We also create an account for you so that you can access your order details in your customer dashboard along with the Student Resources that accompany the Workshop.

We recommend that you create a password for your account. Once you attend your live workshop you can revisit the Solution Zone and log in to your account and access all the resources for your workshop.

Usually the resources are available for you to view immediately after the workshop, again in your Solution Zone and the recording for the actual workshop being available shortly after that.

How do I Login to my Solutions Zone Account?

Once you have your account setup, and you have attended your workshop, we have made it easy for you to login to your 'Solution Zone' by placing the link on the menu at the top of the website, and also on the bottom too. Here is a link to the Solution Zone login for you.

When are you launching new Workshops and Downloads 

We have some Exciting Plans on the agenda, with NEW, Live, Interactive Workshops and Online Downloads due for release in 2023 and 2024!

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