EFT Workshop Confirmation

Thanks for booking your place on the EFT Workshop.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Please check your Inbox, (junk folder) for additional order conformation information.

The zoom link will be sent by email to you 48 hours before the workshop starts.

Please check your inbox for more instructions.
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Workshop Agenda

Our Zoom waiting room will open at 9:45 hours to give everyone chance to connect and join us.

We open our classroom at 10:00 hrs and will get the workshop underway very shortly after.

Lunch will be around 13:00 - 13:45 hours.

We will also take a break mid morning and mid afternoon.

The workshop is expected to end around 17:00 although it could be a little before or after depending on questions etc.

Some Useful Tips

Your workshop experience will feel more interactive if you can join us using a device with as large a screen as possible. Therefore if you can use a laptop that will give you a better interactive experience than a phone for example.

  • If you are able to use an Ethernet cable from your Internet router to your device, this will help you avoid the fluctuations of WIFI signal
  • Don't worry if you haven't got a cable, if you can position yourself closer to your router you will get a stronger signal
  • Have your device charger within easy reach if not already plugged in
  • Please ensure your camera is switched on at all times, apart from during breaks and lunchtime
  • When you join the Zoom your microphone is set to mute by default and we ask that unless speaking you keep your device muted
  • You can easily unmute by clicking the button on the bottom of your screen for a laptop and tapping the screen and selecting unmute on a tablet/phone
How do I access the EFT Workshop?

We will email you with Zoom link to access the workshop approximately 48 hours before the start. If you book within 48 hours of the start then we will email you the link shortly after your booking is made.

Please remember to check your Inbox, (junk/spam folder) for the email.

When can I access the workshop resources?

We usually add the resources page to your account within a few hours of you attending the workshop. If we are providing a recording of the workshop, this may take between 24-48 hours to add to your resources, but rest assured we will do this as quickly as possible for you.

Further Support and other Questions

We have a private support group available for our valued Solutions4Therapists workshop attendees.

This means you can message us through the support group if you have any further questions, plus we will update you with any workshop related information as necessary as we get nearer to your workshop.

You can find and join 'Solution Zone Support Group for Solutions4Therapists' by clicking the link

Join Support Group Here

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