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You do NOT have to be a therapist to use our Solutions. 

Our Solutions

Live and Interactive Workshops

We offer a range of one and two day Workshop Training Solutions. These take place Live and Interactive via our virtual Classroom powered by Zoom.

Some of the Workshops are ideal for both Therapists and Non-therapists, such as the one day Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop.

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Online Downloads

Online Downloads are pre-recorded to enable you to benefit from immediate downloads and you can then watch and learn at your own pace.

Our Marketing Download is suitable and adaptable for small business owners, working in different marketplaces, who are looking for top tips and ideas to grow their business as well as Therapists looking to grow their client list.

solutions4therapists eft workshop

EFT Workshop

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sometimes also known as 'Tapping' is for anyone who wishes to learn a powerful technique for help with Emotional or Physical issues.
A safe, fast and effective method, this is a one day workshop and is ideal for Therapists and Non-Therapists alike...

Goodbye Impostor Syndrome! Workshop

Have you ever had the feeling, any minute now you're going to be found out? Do you feel that you are where you are now, more because of luck than due to your skills and ability?
Research shows through various studies, that 70-80% of people experience these kind of thoughts and feeling.
In this workshop, Therapists and Non-Therapists alike can learn...
Solutions4therapists impostor syndrome
Solutions4therapists How to be Remarkable Marketing

Marketing Download

You won't have a busy and successful Therapy Practice
and business if you are the 
"Worlds Best Kept Secret"
Learn how you can become "Remarkable" and drive clients to your door.
Lots of brilliant marketing ideas, useful and actionable hints and tips in this workshop download with immediate access...

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We have some Exciting Plans on the agenda, with NEW, Live, Interactive Workshops and Online Downloads due for release soon!

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What people love about Solutions4therapists

Noreen Donegan

I attended the EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique training in June of 2021. The workshop was hosted by Mark from Solutions4therapists online via Zoom. As a former student of Mark’s I was very excited to attend this training, he is an excellent teacher and is very passionate about everything to do with therapy.

The EFT workshop was a wonderful blend of theory, skills, practice and demonstration. I volunteered to be the client in one of the demonstrations - not a role I often choose - and it has changed my life and completely resolved my presenting panic.

In the EFT workshop I learned many useful skills and I regularly use these in my therapy work and in my personal life. My clients have benefitted from using the techniques also and report regular use and improvement in symptoms.

I often teach via Zoom as the host but rarely as the student. It was a great tool on the day, it offered an opportunity to connect with everyone and attending the EFT workshop via Zoom was a very positive experience for me.

Since I attended the Solutions4therapists workshop I have recommended the EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique training to my friends. One friend, who is not a therapist, has completed it and has loved it also.

You will complete this workshop with a very solid understanding of EFT, the background, development and skills. It is a technique you can use and implement immediately after this training.

This EFT workshop by Solutions4therapists is the best and the ONLY training I will ever recommend.
farah naz

Farah Naz

The 'Solutions4therapists workshop ´Audio Recordings’ facilitated by the wonderful Mark Wilson, was another superb course. 

By the end of this course you will be able to make your own hypnosis recordings for your clients. Mark teaches in such a way that even if you are a IT dinosaur like me, you will understand this. 

Any hypnotherapist needs to know how to make their own recordings for their clients to reinforce their work. 

The handbook that supports this workshop will remind you of all the important details so there is no chance you will forget. 

I highly recommend this workshop.

Alison Cruden

Since doing the EFT workshop via Zoom a few months ago, I’ve used the technique many times.

I see it as a kind of self-hypnosis that can be done anywhere fast - on the move or in an armchair - and that works well for me.

At the start, it seemed strange that tapping with intention could work, but I believe it does and that’s the main thing.

I’d recommend this particular workshop by Solutions4therapists to anyone.
Apart from anything else, it’s fun and leads to a lot of self-insight.

Franz Nyffeneger

I attended the EFT Workshop from Mark Wilson. We did it via Zoom and it worked very good and smooth via Laptop.

The whole experience of getting to know the "Emotional Freedom Technique", was so surprising and kept me speechless for a while. The whole process of practicing EFT, the history behind it, explanations and then even practicing it on participants live via Zoom was given and showed. So it was easy to understand it.

Mark said that you can treat cravings too via EFT, so I volunteered and mentioned that I have this sometimes strong craving for Coca-Cola. 

Mark guided me through the EFT technique to get rid of it, working with me for about 5 Minutes.
I still cannot believe it, but the craving was gone, for about 3-4 months now I did not drink one Coca-Cola again.

As I was doing the Hypnotherapy course parallel to this, I strongly advise any therapist in the Mental Health sector to get to know about EFT, it can be an extra tool to help yourself and so many of your clients.

Astrid van der Krogt

The EFT Workshop online with Zoom from Solutions4therapists with Mark was amazing and more then I expected.
Very informative and hands on, you can use it straight away. 

After this workshop I used it already with many of my clients, as this is something they can also do themselves. And in stressful times I use it myself as well. 

Very good for self care. Highly recommend this.
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